4 Tips on Designing an Employee Lounge

Designing a new office? Here are some tips that can help you make your employee lounge a success.

#1 Plan according to your budget and requirements

Don’t have a huge budget and/or don’t expect a high number of users at one time? In that case, don’t occupy a huge space for the lounge. It’s better to have a small, cosy lounge that is nicely furnished than a large room that seems empty. However, also make sure that your lounge is large enough for your organization. Use your headcount numbers to negotiate for a higher budget.

#2 Ditch the soft drinks for coffee and juices

Instead of spending your budget stocking up on soft drinks or other sugary beverages, help improve employee wellness through healthier consumption. This means that when you’re deciding what to stock your lounge with, opt for healthier choices. This has several benefits. Firstly, it appeals to many millennials who are more health conscious. Secondly, it may lead to improved work output from some employees since juice has nutrients that are instantly consumed. The boost of energy and nutrients allows a person the opportunity to function more efficiently on a physical as well as a cognitive level.

#3 Skip entertainment equipment in exchange for free food

Deciding between a gaming setup or free food, definitely go for the free food. While a foosball table, a Playstation 4 and a pool table sound like great additions and will likely look good, these are perks that will likely go unused by the majority of your employees. On the contrary, free food is consumed by almost everyone and studies have found that companies with free food have significantly higher employee happiness rates. Furthermore, especially if lunch is catered, there are potential side effects such as employees taking less time to have lunch as well as interacting and bonding over meals.

#4 Focus on the decoration

You want the lounge area to be welcoming and a great place to hang out so make sure the décor fits. You want to encourage your employees to use this space so ensure it has all the things they might need. This includes ample chairs, power points and good wireless coverage. Furthermore, the décor should be well planned. This includes simple tips such as keeping furniture away from the walls, as well as having ample seating in both single and group configurations. This allows for both private relaxation as well as group bonding/break time among teams.

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